One of the key ‘trouble spots’ in industrial marketing is the lack of time to follow-up every lead generated. Trade leads could be generated by direct mail, exhibitions, website promotions etc. The lack or delay in the follow-up of such leads is a lost business opportunity. It not only defeats the marketing time and cost spent to generate the lead, but also tarnishes the image of the company as being ‘non-professional’. On the hind-sight, however, is it prudent for companies to dedicate manpower to qualify the leads which may have a strike rate of 5 -10%?

Concern Areas Addressed

  • Marketing campaigns are important, but why spend if we cannot manage the responses?

  • Who would help us qualify the lead as important for us to follow-up, those qualified few?

  • Is there somebody whom we can train for the first level filtration, so that we do not have to commit our valuable manpower towards this activity?